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We are adding new cars, you can already find 700 of them in Prague (Русская)

There are many cars in our fleet, such as the small city helper Yaris or the more spacious Corolla Combi, which can take your new furniture home. But when you need an all-rounder that's packed with space and comfort, plus it's paint-free, you'll want our C-HR Impress


When you say C-HR, you can find 2 types, with or without stickers.

If you're going on a date or to an important business meeting and want to save face and professionalism, you'll be happy to show up in a car without stickers. 

If you're just going out and you know you're taking your group of friends and you only care about the car itself, feel free to choose a car with stickers, they're just as reliable.


And why are we talking about this?

Because we're adding another 100 C-HR models without stickers and another 100 with stickers to our fleet. And how do you tell them apart? You can recognize them by the side sticker, where you will find the new promo code for the registration bonus. So if this is your first time here be sure to look for it.


What makes the C-HR stand out from the rest is the space you'll find inside the car. Its sharp features and unconventional rear door opening will definitely be a surprise to many of your friends or acquaintances. Overall, the car is equipped with everything you need on your travels, the basics being air conditioning, heated seats and CarPlay so you can play music without getting lost in the navigation or safety sensors with a parking camera.


You can use the car for one of the many tips for trips we have selected for you or for your daily drives in comfort and safety.


So get ready and grab your C-HR this weekend for a special price!

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