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Winter fun with tariff SNOW TRIP

UPDATE 29.1.: The tariff will be available until the snow melts. Please be considerate and obey all government rules. Do not book accommodation and keep your distance.

Although we already have snow in Prague, mountains are mountains. Don't spend this year at home, from today you can use our new tariff SNOW TRIP, which costs 1199 CZK. You will have 9 hours rent and 300 km already included in the price. Corolla and Yaris cost the same. If 300 km is not enough for you, don't worry, you can drive more, the price for km over is 5,99 CZK. Tariff will be avalable until 31.1.2021.

Cross-country skiing in Jizerské mountains

Jizerské mountains and cross-country skiing belong together. You will not be dissappointed again, Jizerská Magistrála has 180 km of passable routes. Shops are still closed, however, you can still borrow equipment for example in Ski service Mára in Bedříchov.


Plan your route for cross-country skiing on this map, where you will find all kept routes.

Advice for drivers:

Parking is still very busy, although skiing is forbidden. We recomment to set out in the morning, so that you have no problems finding a praking place. Overview of parking places and their prices (the price is paid by the customer) can be found here.


Bobsleigh and hiking in Krkonoše

Our second tip for snow trip is a place called Horní Mísečky, near Špindlerův Mlýny. You will find a lot of snowy hills, which invite you for a bobsleigh ride!


Do you want to see what's waiting for you? Have a look at this website, where you will find footage from live cameras.


In case you are a fan of hiking, set out from Horní Mísečky to near Mumlava waterfall, from which you can go to Labe spring. If you decide to go this way, you have 12 km ahead of you, full of nice views.


Advice for drivers:

Parking has the same issue as in Jizerské mountains. Set out earlier and be there before the others! Parking options in Špindlerův Mlýn here. Parking is paid and the expenses are not paid by Anytime.

Wherever you go, don't forget to stay safe - wash your hands, keep a distance from others and wear mask if necessary.