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We tried hydrogen and it was a blast

What people thought was the distant future is already happening now. We already know about electric cars, but what about hydrogen cars? During the summer, you had the opportunity to see one unique hydrogen-powered Anytime car around Prague, which we tested as part of the new automotive technologies.

The Toyota Mirai that we had the opportunity to test is one of the first production hydrogen fuel cell cars to see its 2nd generation since 2014.

The hydrogen samurai

This unique Toyota gets its name from the Japanese Mirai, meaning the future, and offers countless benefits for both the driver and the environment. Inside the car is a fuel cell that generates electricity by combining hydrogen fuel and oxygen, then storing it in a battery. The result is the energy that powers the car and the "waste" in the form of water and a little heat.

Where to refuel hydrogen?

Hydrogen car propulsion technology may still be in its infancy, but the future is looking bright for them. In the vicinity of Prague, you can find 2 refuelling stations that serve hydrogen cars, near Barrandov or Litvínov. The price of refuelling should be comparable to the price of petrol in the future, as the storage and overall production of hydrogen is still a big question mark not only for car companies.

You can get to Ostrava and back

The advantage is not only environmental friendliness, but also a relatively long range (up to 647 kilometres) and fast refuelling. Instead of a 30-minute to one-hour recharge, you can fill your car with hydrogen in 5 minutes.
We've grown to love the Toyota Mirai after this test, and we hope that when this technology gets more market space, we'll be able to include this fuel alternative as a permanent option for you in our fleet.

Now you can try out the popular hybrid powertrain in our cars, which combines recuperation with gas mileage to extend not only the trip but also the life of the car. So the cars don't have to be recharged separately and you can enjoy your hybrid journey without stopping.

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