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Visit markets in Poland and Germany this year

This year, we have prepared a few tips for Christmas markets where you can go with your loved one or friends and enjoy the great Christmas atmosphere beyond the borders. As well as tips on where to go to Christmas markets, you will also find information on our Christmas packages.



Like other Christmas markets in Germany, those in Berlin have a long tradition that goes back many years. Because Berlin is such a large city, there are also several independent markets. You can find up to 50 of them all over Berlin!

The most famous and most popular market is definitely the one on the Gendarmentmarkt, which could be described as the equivalent of Prague's Old Town Square. The surroundings are particularly impressive, where you will have a view of Berlin's traditional landmarks. It's free to get here on weekdays, and for a nominal fee of €2 on weekends.

Like other markets in Germany, you can buy many beautiful souvenirs here in Berlin, from typical Christmas decorations to handmade art objects. You can then treat your stomach at one of the many food stalls.



The main of Dresden's markets, the Striezelmarkt, can be found on the Altmarkt in the centre of Dresden. At more than 250 stalls, you can shop for traditional Christmas gifts and sample a host of local delicacies, including the original Dresden schnitzel and braid. While you warm up with mulled wine or, for drivers, non-alcoholic punch, you can see how the ancient yet much-loved Christmas gifts are made. The huge Erzgebirge illuminated step pyramid is very impressive and visitors can enjoy a slice of the original Dresden Christstollen by its light, in keeping with tradition.

Christmas markets in Dresden



As it was 500 years ago, the Leipzig Christmas Market is still held in the historic setting of the city centre. With 250 originally decorated stalls, the Leipzig Christmas Market lives up to its reputation. You will be enchanted by one of the oldest and most beautiful shopping centres, which is distinguished by its costly interior furnishings. Leipzig's famous arcades, courtyards and shopping malls are a shopping paradise and a place where art and culture come together in one architectural gem. One of the largest and oldest Christmas markets takes place in front of the Old Town Hall and is usually opened with a ceremony. You can taste typical Christmas delicacies such as freshly baked pretzels, the famous Polčnické gingerbread, mulled wine or apricot punch.



Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in the whole of Poland. It was founded in the 10th century by the Bohemian Prince Wroclaw. Traditional Christmas markets take place here in one of the largest medieval squares in Europe - the Market Square. Take your friends or your loved one and experience the unique atmosphere of pre-Christmas Wroclaw. You can taste cheese of all kinds, zapiekanki or even drinking honey at the market.

Christmas markets in Wroclaw


Christmas packages 

The first package S includes car rental for 8 hours, to which you get 200 km included. This will transport you comfortably, especially in the Czech markets. It's the perfect choice for a day trip to Pilsen, for example, where you can find beautiful Christmas markets with a live donkey in a nativity scene or traditional handicrafts from local makers. You can get it in the app for 1 999 CZK.

Another package M consists of a 24 hour rental in which you get 400 Km included. An ideal option for a day trip beyond the border with possible stops along the way. You can find it in the app for the price of 3,499 CZK.

The second L package will take you conveniently across the border and back. It includes a car rental for 2 days, to which you get 600 km. This will get you to the wonderful Christmas markets in both Germany and Poland, where you can enjoy the great Christmas atmosphere. You can get this great package offer for 4 999 CZK now on the app.

Packages apply to all models except the Yaris, which is better off in the city. Plus, the other models offer you more comfort on longer journeys.

Also, don't forget to fill up your rental car before you cross the border. If you need to fill up in Germany, for example, use only OMV stations with the same procedure as in the Czech Republic. If you need to fill up in Poland, you can again use OMV stations as in the Czech Republic or Polish ENI. When refuelling, all you need to do is call the hotline, which will give you the PIN for your fuel card, which you can find in the passenger compartment.

We hope that you will take full advantage of the Christmas atmosphere not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, where you will find beautiful markets full of wonderful experiences.


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