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Weekend tariff with no worries about km

Unlimited weekend is unfortunately not a thing, but unlimited kilometres are.

Set out to your cottage or help your relatives. From Friday till Sunday, the car is all yours. From today, there are no km limits, so the distance is purely your decision. 


For Weekend tariff you can choose from hybrid Yaris (1099 CZK) and Corolla (1299 CZK). Kilometer with Yaris costs 4,99 CZK and with Corolla 5,99 CZK. The best part? Don’t worry about the fuel, it is included in the price. The only worry you should have is how to enjoy your time despite these difficult times. 


Not registered yet? Register with the promo code JEZDIM, which will give you 120 CZK. Use it for your weekend trip.


P.S. Your weekend with this tariff can start on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Weekends in the middle of the week are the best.