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Christmas shopping in Dresden, now long trip

UPDATE 17.11.2020:

Due to new restrictions it is no longer permitted to enter Germany for shopping without any restrictions. As a result we renamed the tariff as "LONG TRIP" and you will still get 9 hours + 300 km for 1599 CZK. If you need some inspiration for the trip, check out this website, where you can find 30 places ideal for November trips to nature.


Christmas is coming and we were looking for ways how to make your Christmas shopping easier, when all shops in the Czech Republic are closed. And so we arranged everything and you can set out to Dresden to go shopping.

How to do it

Choose the tariff PRAGUE-DRESDEN-PRAGUE for 1599 CZK. In this price we have included 300 km, which is enough for your ride to Dresden and back. If you need more km, you will pay 5,99 CZK/km for both Yaris and Corolla. We recommend to go with Corolla, as it is more comfortable.

You have 9 hours in the tariff. The ride is 1 hour 45 minutes, so you'll have at least 5 hours in Dresden.

Parking in Dresden

Just a few minutes from the shopping mall Altmarkt Galerie is outdoor parking place Pirnaischer Platz. Best option is to pay parking for 24 hours, which will cost you 6 €. This cost is not paid by Anytime. Parking in underground is not permitted.

Traveling abroad

Currently you can travel to Germany without covid tests, if you come back during 24 hours. We have tried to go to Dresden as well and passing through the borders is without restrictions. In Germany they have the same rules for wearing masks. We had a mask on all the time in Dresden - outside and inside.

To keep your travels safe, don't forget to disinfect your hand after each shop, before eating and in the car.


If you need to refuel the car, please do it in Czech Republic. Contact our customer support for more info about refueling.


Shopping in Dresden

The most favourite spot is Altmarkt Galerie, where you can find over 200 shops and you can buy everything from clothes, electonics, to Christmas decorations. Near the shopping mall are various restaurants. Just be careful not to plan the trip for Sunday, the shops would be closed.

Where to go sightseeing

Fives minutes on foot from the shopping centre is the church Frauenkirche aand just a bit further is baroque building Zwinger or Semper opera. There is not much people in the city, so don't forget to take your camera and get some great photos!

Dont't hesitate to share your photos from Dresden on social media with the hashtag #AnytimeDresden