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Tip for a trip with tariff TRIP

The weather is getting better and better, the districts are open, so how about exploring interesting places near Prague :) We have planned a trip for you, in which you will visit the spa town of Podebrady, then the castle park Karlova Koruna and finally a historic town of Kutna Hora.

Which tariff to choose?

We recommend the Trip tariff for this trip. With the tariff, you have Yaris or Corolla for 9 hours for 1 199 CZK, including 300 km, which will be enough for our planned trip. We recommend taking Corolla, because it is more comfortable and you will enjoy the journey more than with the city Yaris. You will spend about 3.5 hours on the roads, so you will have more than 5 hours to explore new places.

The first stop - Poděbrady

The first stop of our trip is the spa town of Poděbrady. In this city you definitely have to visit a beautiful and renovated spa park, where you will find plenty of opportunities to refresh yourself. We recommend Café Olivier, where you can enjoy a great lunch and then reward yourself with fresh coffee and dessert in the cozy next restaurant Vilémovo pekářství. Then you can walk along the banks of the river Elbe and see the dominant Poděbrady Castle. Before leaving the city, don't forget to taste the hot spa wafers :)

The second stop - Karlova Koruna chateau

One of the most important Baroque castles in the Czech Republic can be found in the town of Chlumec nad Cidlinou. In addition to having the best view of the town and the banks of the Cidlina River from the beautiful castle park, the Fairytale Route through this park also awaits you. While walking through the park, you may come across many mysterious characters, such as the Linden Fairy or the Oak Elf.

The third stop - Kutná Hora

The third and last stop on our trip is the historic town of Kutná Hora. However, on the way from the previous stop we recommend visiting the pastures of the Kladruby National Stud Farm. If you are lucky, you will see the oldest original Czech breed of horses - Old Kladruby horses :) But now back to the third stop. Kutná Hora is a beautiful historic town, where you will see, among other things, the monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this town you should definitely visit the Church of St. Barbara, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the historic city center, the Jesuit College, Vlaššky dvůr and its adjacent newly renovated park, from which you will have an amazing view on the Church of St. Barbara. For a walk around the city, we recommend buying excellent honest and handicraft ice cream from the Zmrzlinárna Kutná Hora.

And that's the end of our trip. Now we just have to go back and share our trip experience with all our friend. We will be happy if you share your experiences from this trip with us on social networks.