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Discount for all medical and rescue workers

Thank you!

We really appreciate the hard work of all the people helping in the first line. We admire the work of all the medical workers, paramedics, police officers and firefighters. The smallest thing we can do to help them is to provide them with some transportation so they can go to work easily. That is why we launched a new tariff for them.

Tariff IZS

Tariff IZS is for all the workers in the medical sector (doctors, nurses, rescuers and other medical personnel), and emplyees of Integrated Rescue System (police, paramedics and firefighters). Standard price per minute is reduced to 2,99 CZK/min within this new tariff and night price to 3,99 CZK/min. The morning minute price 1,99 CZK stays the same. More info to be found in our price list.

How to activate the IZS tariff?

For activation, send us the photo of the front side of your professional ID card to our email Only your photo must be visible, the rest of the information can be covered. If you don't have professional ID card, please send us your employee ID badge and name of the hospital where you work. 

If you do not have the Anytime account yet, download the app and register easily directly in the app. Send the photo of your professional ID card or employee badge to our email after the registration. 

The tariff is available until 17.5.2020 but might be prolonged. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on 840 600 600.