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We have added new comfort cars

Starting from now, you can take a ride with our bigger and more comfortable cars - Toyota Corolla. These new members of our fleet are perfect for any longer trip, bigger shopping or just a trip with a bunch of friends. We are adding new cars in several “waves” and expect to add 70 of them by the end of the May. In order for you to take the most out of new cars, we have three tips for you.


Park even into the smallest parking spot

The parking camera proves yet again to be a great assistant that allows you to be aware of the car surroundings. The new comfortable vehicles are also equipped with the parking assistant that chooses the best place to park and even helps to do so. You shall only press the pedals and leave the rest to the smart assistant. This way, you can take advantage even of smaller parking spots. 


Take your legs of the gas pedal

For the longer trips an adaptive cruise control (ACC) may come in handy. All the new Corollas are equipped with this technology. This technology constantly monitors the surrounding vehicles and adapts the speed accordingly. All that needs to be done is to set the required speed, take the legs of the gas pedal and watch the traffic around you.


Connect the car with your phone

Every new Corolla can be easily connected to your phone via Android Auto od CarPlay. This way you can enjoy the music you like and even use some other applications such as the navigation. Just connect the car to your phone with an USB cable and you are good to go.