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We care about your safety

Dezinfekce aut

Dear friends of Anytime,

We are happy that even in this uneasy time, we can make your transportation around Prague easier. For necessary transportation to work or shop, Anytime cars are still at your disposal. We believe that individual means of transport can help to stop the virus from spreading.

We do not take the situation lightly which is why our drivers regularly clean and disinfect our cars. We have also added a bottle with disinfectant to each of our cars. Please, use it to the steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake and door handle before each ride. We ask you to leave the disinfectant in the car so others can use it too. Please, be considerate to others and always wear something to cover your mouth and if there is a chance, use gloves.

Thank you for the support, we will make it through together!

Team Anytime