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Go swimming with Anytime!

Are you hot? 

There's nothing easier than heading to a beach and renting Anytime for the trip. We have air conditioning in all of our cars, so you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable in the heat on the roads. 


If you still don't know where to go swimming around Prague, just read on. We've got tips for you on places where you go from Prague and not spend the whole day in the car.


Natural swimming pool Divišov

This recently renovated biotope offers naturally purified water without chemicals. But it's not just a boring place with water, you can use the 10 metre long slide and grab a bite to eat at the snack bar. 

It takes about 40 minutes to get there from the centre of Prague.


Proboštská Lakes

Just over half an hour from the centre of Prague, you'll find popular Proboštská Lakes. You can choose to stay on the unpaid meadow with a bit worse access to the water, or pay a small fee to access the sandy beach. The lakes are also suitable for a variety of water sports and you can often find people on paddleboards there.


Vyžlovka swimming pool

The relatively large Vyžlovka swimming pool area awaits you about 40 minutes' drive from the centre. The advantage of Vyžlovka is, for example, the beach volleyball court, so not only beach loungers but also athletes will find something to do there.


Stuff one of our cars with towels, an inflatable lounger, food, drinks and friends. You can be completely at ease on the beach all day. Just take the 24 hours tariff, which you can get in the app for the same price as the 6 hours tariff. A full day's rental starts at CZK 398. Prices look like this:

Model Promo price for tariff 24 hours
Yaris 398 CZK
Corolla Hatchback 598 CZK
Corolla Combi 598 CZK
C-HR 698 CZK
C-HR Impress 798 CZK

Promo offer valid from 21.7. till 24.7. Each km costs 7.98 CZK.