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How to Anytime: Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Getting the air conditioning set up correctly can sometimes be a tricky situation when you're getting into an unfamiliar car for the first time. In our article, we'll show you that there's nothing to worry about and a comfortable ride at the ideal temperature is no problem to set up. We will describe all the functions of the air conditioner as you can see them in the picture. Although they are arranged differently in each model, they perform the same functions. And the next time you get into an Anytime car, you'll know which button to reach for first.

  • Number 1, as we know, heats the seats. In the winter, we recommend the 3rd setting to heat the seats first and gradually reduce to the first to keep you warm.
  • Item number 2 is the windscreen heater, which is handy just in the winter time when you are warming up inside the car while it is freezing outside.
  • Point number 3 is used to put the air conditioning into automatic mode, where the heating and ventilation power is automatically controlled to keep the cabin at your preset temperature.
  • Number 4 is used to warm up the rear window so that, again in winter, we don't have trouble parking or losing sight of the traffic behind us.
  • Number 5 is used to turn off the ventilation.
  • Number 6 is used to set the air conditioning temperature for either the driver or the passenger. Depending on the model, you can turn the dial or move the cradle to set the exact temperature that suits you.
  • The airflow into the cabin is set using the button numbered 7.
  • You can adjust which way the fresh air will flow into the cab using the number 8 button.
  • Number 9 starts the closed circuit in the cabin. This function is appreciated if you are driving through a tunnel or other dirty area. A closed circuit means that the air in the cab will circulate and no outside air will be drawn in.
  • If you have DUAL - dual zone air conditioning activated under button number 10, you can adjust the driver and passenger air conditioning independently, if the DUAL function is off, both temperature controls will adjust the air throughout the cabin.
  • Under number 11 is the economy air conditioning. The vehicle will limit the cooling output to reduce the load on the engine, thereby saving emissions.
  • Lastly, there is a button with the number 12. This button switches on the air conditioning compressor, without the "A/C" switched on it will not cool the vehicle. We recommend using the A/C function even in winter. In this case, the air conditioning will not cool, but will dehumidify the air blown into the cabin, helping to prevent fogging of the windows from the inside.


CH-R cabine

Corolla cabine

Yaris cabine


We hope this article has helped you and that the next time you settle into one of our cars, you'll already know how to make your ride more enjoyable. If you have any questions about the features in your car, feel free to message us on any of our social media channels and we'll create another article to answer your question, depending on the number of inquiries.