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How to Anytime: Car Photography


If you are our customer, you know that we require you to take pictures of the condition of the vehicle before and after you rent it. It's possible that you have encountered a dirty or damaged car before. In such a situation, it is important to address the issue before borrowing the car.

If you come across a damaged or dirty car, it is necessary to report the incident. The first option is to take pictures of the vehicle (exterior and interior) directly into the application. The second option is to take pictures of the car's condition in the gallery and then send the photos to This will save you time, nerves, and money when dealing with the security department and will greatly help us.

If the previous customer takes pictures of the car in the app undamaged or not dirty, and you don't, the security department will contact you to pay for any damage caused. You can avoid all of these problems with a mere ten-second delay when taking pictures of the car or reporting it to our nonstop info line at +420 777 363 363.