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Discover Czech nature with Anytime

Christmas markets are already leaving the cities, but the mood to discover in the New Year is still there?

With the Anytime cars, you can drive to 5 places from 2 January 2023, which will give you not only fresh air, but also relaxation in the form of a quiet walk in nature or a few ski runs. We have prepared packages for 3 days with kilometres included depending on the destination you are going to. Whether you're planning hill trips, valley bike rides or want to enjoy the last traces of snow.


Krkonoše Mountains

The Krkonoše Mountains are the place of many Czech "best". They are the highest, most visited, the only ones with high mountain character in the Czech Republic and have a unique and varied nature. The rounded silhouettes of the mountain peaks prove that the mountain range is less than 600 million years old. It is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rugged Nordic beauty and diversity of nature. In the winter season, the Krkonoše Mountains offer good conditions for skiing and in the summer they are a popular hiking and cycling destination.

You can enjoy them with our cars for 3 days with 350 Km included.



Among the most popular places in Šumava are the unique glacial lakes, which should not be missed during your visit. One of the many examples is Černá jezero or Lake Laka, Jezerní slat with a lookout tower or Srní with a wolf enclosure. You will discover many interesting things around Modrava, which is a Šumava timber village at the confluence of the Modrava, Filipohuti and Roklanský brooks. You shouldn't miss Kašperské Hory with Kašperk Castle, Prachatice with its beautiful historical centre, and you must also visit Volary with its unique alpine houses.

All these not only historical gems can be discovered with a 3-day package with 450 km included.


Krušné hory

Few regions of the Czech Republic are as romantic and mysterious as the Krušné hory. The varied and fragrant forests encourage you to take walks and hikes not only on foot. The border mountains are lined with hiking trails and cycle paths, but the 242 km long Krušné hory Highway, connecting Cheb to the distant Sněžník, dominates the countless hiking trails.

You can discover all the routes of the Krušné hory, for example, with the C-HR in a package with 350 km included.


Jizerské hory

Our northernmost mountain range, which was named after the Jizerka River. It is not just an ordinary tourist area. You will find here a number of rare nature reserves, peat bogs and water reservoirs, but also with a dense network of trails for hikers and cyclists. Explore, for example, Lázně Libverda, Hejnice with the pilgrimage basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, and take a peek into the Jizera Mountains Beeches National Nature Reserve, the first Czech UNESCO natural monument. You should not miss the glassmaking settlement of Kristiánov, the Jára Cimrman Museum and the Maják lookout tower in Kořenov.

Discover the best of the Jizera Mountains in 3 days and 300 km included.



Take a trip to the top of Ještěd, where there is a famous tower hiding a transmitter and a mountain hotel with a restaurant. Just below its peak is the top station of the cable car from Horní Hanychov. The place offers a unique view of Liberec and its surroundings. At the top you can visit the restaurant or the Bistro, which is open daily.

You can see the beauty of Jested with a package for 14 hours and 250 km included.

Choose from many destinations and activities to start exploring right from the beginning of the year. Hikes, ski or snowboard, bikes and more are waiting for you to dust them off again and set off to experience the Czech countryside. You can find specific prices for all packages in our app today.