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Weekend in Berlin!

Go to the capital of Germany to enjoy fun and culture. From today you can go there with our cars and you don't even have to report it in advance. Nightlife, a lot of history or a curiosity like the Currywurst Museum awaits you.


With the Berlin tariff, you have 700 kilometers and 3 days of rent included in the price, which is a great start for an extended weekend. If the kilometers are not enough in the price, nothing happens. You can find the price addition per km in the price list.

With Yaris and Corolla Hatchback, the whole way in the comfort of your car will cost you 4499 CZK, for new cars from the Premium category you will pay only 500 CZK more.


Advice for drivers

The center of Berlin requires the purchase of an environmental badge, which our cars do not currently have. For this reason, we recommend not to drive directly to the center of the city.

The best option is to stay in a hotel with private parking outside the city center. Local public transport is very good around the city, so you can enjoy the city easily. You can recognize where the "ecological" zone begins by the traffic sign "Umwelt ZONE".

If interested, of course, the customer can buy the badge at their own expense.


Accommodation tips

The selected accommodation options are outside the zone where an ecological badge is needed. The accommodation has its private parking, so it is possible to leave the car there and continue to the city by public transport, which you will find just around the corner from the hotels.

More than a pleasant price, has the option to buy additional breakfast. Includes free cancellation in case of unexpected events. The accommodation is located just a short walk from the metro station, so you will be in the center in a moment. An ideal option for those who need accommodation just for an overnight stay and enjoy the city all day.

If you are one of the people who want to enjoy comfort and relaxation in a wellness center after a demanding city tour, this hotel will be a paradise on earth for you. In addition to the comfortable room, you can visit the local wellness center, where you will find a swimming pool or sauna.


What to see and where to go

When you are in Berlin, we recommend at least a short tour of the city's sights. Berlin has a really rich and interesting history that is worth your time. For all places, we recommend that you check in advance the possibility of booking or buying tickets online. You will avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Brandenburg Gate

Perhaps the most iconic building in Berlin, which is a symbol of the division and unification not only of the city of Berlin, but also the whole of Germany. If you do not take at least one photo in front of the gate, no one will believe you that you were in Berlin.

Berlin wall

Fortunately, the symbol of the Cold War is no longer in its full "beauty" in Berlin, but there is still a lot to learn from its history. A place called Checkpoint Charlie is the perfect place to check and get to know what happened in Berlin. At the time, it was the most famous border between east and west.

View of the whole city

There is nothing better than to see Berlin from a great height. The Berlin TV Tower will provide you this experience and you can enjoy a great view and take some photos on Instagram :) It is also possible to visit a cafe on the tower, but be sure to make a reservation in advance.

To swimming pool on a river

If you want a slightly unconventional experience, try visiting Badeshiff Treptow. It is necessary to buy tickets in advance here, but it will definitely be worth it. With a ticket, you have access to the swimming pool, located directly on the River Spree, for 2 hours. In addition, there is a very well stocked bar.

A walk in a park

When the city starts to get on your nerves, you can take a walk in one of the local, very nicely maintained parks. The largest and most famous of them is the Tiergarten, where in addition to grassy areas you will also find several monuments.

Evening program

Berlin is also known for its nightlife and famous clubs. Unfortunately, many of them are closed nowadays, so before you go anywhere, make sure the club is opened. For us, we recommend the Aseven club, which is open every weekend.

Have some Currywurst!

Visiting Berlin without having Currywurst is a sin. Did you know that this delicacy even has its own museum in Berlin? If you can't indulge this great food, then the museum is a clear choice.

Tropical Islands water park - fun on your way back

Just a few kilometers from Berlin (purely by chance on the way back to Prague) there is a huge water park. There are several swimming pools and water attractions such as water slides, but there are also relaxation areas and good refreshments.

When you get tired of water, you can also try minigolf, hot air ballooning or safari. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to buy tickets in advance on their website.

It is an ideal program for Sundays, when shops are closed in Germany.

Other notes and advice

Never park in underground garages. It's against our business conditions and you might not have a good enough signal on the phone to open / close the car. You will avoid unnecessary complications and the only thing you will have to worry about on the trip will be how to enjoy it as much as possible.

Before traveling, always read the current conditions of entry into the country as well as the measures that apply in Germany.

If you have a low fuel level in your car, it is possible to refuel in Germany. You can use the OMV card in your car to do this. For more detailed information about refueling, contact our customer support.