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3 Podcasts to keep you entertained on the road

Car journeys can be long and sometimes boring when you're stuck in traffic. 

So if you're going on an interesting road trip this weekend, be sure to check out these 3 great podcasts to keep you entertained in the car.


Men vs. Women

Michal and Bára, Bára and Michal. A friendly pair of opposite sexes who aren't afraid to discuss topics you deal with every day. Toilet seats, infidelity, first dates, friendship and many other topics from both male and female perspectives.


In their new episode, "Unexplicit!" which is the sixteenth episode in their second series, the pair held it down to tell you about their experiences at concerts or losing weight for swimsuits.



DOWN / UP by Janka Chudlíková is a podcast show where Janka shares stories of people across industries regardless of profession, age, nationality, gender, orientation or status. The goal of the show is to show others that we all have our "down" but that it is possible to get "up"... And that everyone has to do something for a healthy and happy life.


FYFT stands for Fill Your Free Time. It offers inspiration for spending your free time offline - with activities that are not only fun, but develop you. FYFT is not just a business, FYFT is an idea. Amongst other things, FYFT is made up of the FYFTcast - interviews with people who are masters in their hobby or are otherwise connected to FYFT. 


So do you know what you'll be watching on the way to your weekend destination?