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24 hours without limiting kilometres

When you need a car the whole day and don’t want to think about the distance. A car for a day is now 300 CZK cheaper for both Yaris and Corolla. 


It doesn’t matter if you drive only 1 km or run away to nature outside of the city. Tariff for 24 hours is now completely different, as you only pay for the kilometres you drive. Kilometres are now 2 CZK cheaper than before. Fuel is already included in the price. 


So how much is it? Price for Yaris is 599 CZK with 4,99 CZK per km and 799 for Corolla with 5,99 CZK per km.


If you go with Yaris for example to Mladá Boleslav to take care of your relatives, the final price will be less than 1200 CZK. In addition, you can get really cozy thanks to heated seats (the button for heated seats is a bit like hidden treasure - the treasure hunt leads under the hand brake).


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