Rules for trips to Berlin

1. Entrance to the city

The center of Berlin requires the purchase of an environmental badge, which our cars do not currently have. For this reason, we recommend not to drive directly to the center of the city. The best option is to stay in a hotel with private parking outside the city center. Local public transport is very good around the city, so you can enjoy the city easily. You can recognize where the "ecological" zone begins by the traffic sign "Umwelt ZONE". If interested, of course, the customer can buy the badge at their own expense.

2. Refueling

If your car is low on fuel and needs to be refueled in Germany, you can use the OMV fuel card, which is valid at OMV, BP / ARAL and ENI gas stations. For more detailed info, contact our customer line if necessary.

3. Parking

It is forbidden to park in underground garages. All parking costs in other parking places are paid by the customer.