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Do you know about the refuelling bonus?

One of the situations you may encounter on longer journeys with Anytime is an empty tank. How to deal with this situation and how refuelling is done is discussed here in this article.

Do I have to pay for refuelling?

No, you do not have to pay for refuelling, refuelling is included in the rental price. If you have to fill up, just drive to any OMV station in Prague. If you are planning a trip outside of Prague and need to fill up, you can use any CCS station (EuroOil, Benzina or Shell) in addition to OMV.

All cars in our fleet are filled with Natural 95, without premium additives.
Once you've filled up your tank, just dial our customer service line, which will give you the PIN for your fuel card, which you'll find in the passenger compartment. Then just swipe the card through the terminal at the till and enter the four-digit PIN.

We'll credit you with a 100 CZK bonus for filling up, as a reward for helping us keep our cars running.