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The reliable Toyota C-HR crossover

We offer many Toyota models in our fleet. A small Yaris or Corolla hatchback will do the trick for city driving and comfortable parking. For big shopping trips, you can use the roomier Corolla estate, but have you heard of our Toyota C-HR?


The C-HR is a combination of everything you're looking for. Planning a trip to the mountains with family or friends? The car will offer you a comfortable and spacious ride all the way to your favorite chairlift. Pack the whole family into the 377-litre boot and just head off for a long weekend. If you're going to an important meeting or romantic date and don't want to attract attention with advertising, don't hesitate to reach for our C-HR Impress without stickers.


Under the bonnet, you'll find a very reliable 1.8-litre atmospheric petrol engine (72 kW, 142 Nm of torque) working with an electric motor. This alone has an output of 53 kW and 163 Nm of torque. When put together, this results in a total output of 90 kW. The automatic transmission is not to be missed. The numbers aren't high, but believe me, this hybrid can put a smile on your face.


The interior is full of technology. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the heated seats, dual-zone air conditioning and the option of Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay. There's also a parking camera with front and rear sensors or traffic sign reading along with lane departure warning. Quite simply, the car is equipped with everything you need for your travels.