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City friend Toyota Yaris

There are plenty of Toyota models in our fleet. You'll love taking a trip with family or friends in a spacious Toyota Corolla or C-HR. But as we all know, parking around Prague or larger cities can be very difficult with the aforementioned cars, so we'd like to introduce you to our urban helper, the Toyota Yaris. The smallest member of the fleet will guarantee a comfortable and quality ride on Prague streets and the associated parking in blue and purple zones.


The Yaris is still one of those cars where the interior doesn't feel oppressive, so you don't have to worry about feeling cramped. You won't be irritated by the great-looking interior materials, either. The prominent front seat lateral guidance and high seating position ensure comfortable driving and an ideal seat position in relation to the steering wheel. The infotainment system with parking camera, radio or Bluetooth makes the ride to your chosen destination more enjoyable. It also offers convenient connectivity to Apple Carplay and AndroidAuto to keep navigation close at hand. The 286-litre boot is spacious for the segment and there's nothing to complain about its size for everyday use.


The car is powered by a 1.5-litre atmospheric four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor combination, in other words, the Yaris has a hybrid engine that produces 85 kW (116 hp) with 120 Nm of torque. The e-CVT automatic transmission is not to be missed either. The engine's ample power will ensure a smooth ride through city streets.